Identify, explore and compare the effectiveness of interventions. Use the different filters on the left to identify different features of interventions.

Outcomes filter
Use the Outcomes filter to view only those interventions that received a well-supported or supported rating in a particular outcome domain. Selecting multiple outcome domains will yield interventions that have been rated well-supported or supported in any of the selected outcome domains.

Characteristics and Services filters
Use the Characteristics and Services filters to identify interventions with similar populations and services. Selecting multiple filters identifies interventions with any of the filters selected.

  • Use the “Sort By” feature to sort the identified interventions by alphabetical order, or according to how many similarities they share with the filters you selected.
  • The Similarity column lets you know the correspondence between the selected population characteristics and intervention services and the displayed interventions; "1" means that the intervention targeted or provided one of the characteristics or services you selected, “2” means it targeted or provided two, and so on.
  • If you combine the Outcomes, Characteristics and Services filters, you will only see the interventions that receive a well-supported or supported rating and that serve that selected population or provide the selected services.

Select several interventions and click Compare Selected to see more information about their populations, setting, and effectiveness, side-by-side.

Want to see only the interventions that include all of the criteria you select? Use the Advanced Search.